County Caucuses

African-American Caucus
Tammy Cousey, Chair

Asian - Pacific Islander Caucus
Verona Sagato, Chair
E: | P: 385 295 3838

Disability Caucus
Miriam Hyde, Chair
E: | P: 801 274 0957

Education Caucus
Kathleen Riebe, Chair
E: | P: 801 599 5753

Environmental Caucus
Arthur King, Chair
E: | P: 801 486 4220

Healthcare Caucus
Bill Lee, Chair

Hispanic Caucus
Nate Salazar, Chair

Labor Caucus
Brandon Dew, Chair
E: | P: 801 509 1305

LDS Caucus
Alain Balmanno, Chair  
E: | P: 801 652 0737

Progressive Caucus
Chris Stout, Chair
E: | P: 385 281 5267

Public Employee Caucus
William Kocher, Chair
E: | P: 801 641 1630

Stonewall Caucus
Becky Moss, Chair
E: | P: 801 487 3953

Veterans Caucus
Phil Bernal, Chair
E: | P: 801 381 0219


Women's Caucus
Seraya Amirthalningam, Chair
E: | P: 414 324 7976

Young Democrats Caucus
Audrey Gallegos, Chair
E: | P: 801 664 2755



County Committees 

Grassroots Committee
This work group handles the County Party's election efforts, including: candidate recruitment/training/consulting, developing/supporting our local grassroots teams, and direct voter contact.
Diane Lewis, Chair

Functions Committee
This group plans and organizes all party functions, including: fundraisers, social events, Politisauce, and Convention.
LaVonne Maloney, Chair

Finance Committee
This working group enhances our fundraising capacity through new and existing methods, including phone banks.
Amy Harrington, Chair

Technology Committee
This team works to implement technological solutions for our daily and program operations, as well as communications strategies to brand the Democratic Party, share our Democratic values, and promote the County Party and its events.
Cree McNulty, Chair

Outreach Committee
We need a robust, committed team to support local Democratic candidates in each state house district, and each on-cycle state senate and county council district. 
LaVonne Maloney, Chair