Salt Lake County Democratic Candidates



We are currently in an important and active election cycle, during which many elective offices in Salt Lake County, Utah, and Congress will be filled by the General Election in November. Democratic candidates for office will be chosen through one (or both) of two processes. The first is by nomination through the vote of Delegates to the County and State Democratic Party Conventions this spring. If no clear winner emerges from the Convention process (as determined under criteria set by Party Rules) the two candidates with the most votes will compete in a 'runoff' Democratic Primary Election in June. Under state law, candidates can also gain access to the Primary ballot through a signature gathering process, regardless of the Convention process. The following links contain a list of persons who have signaled their intent to gather the required signatures by filing with the offices of the Lieutenant Governor and the Salt Lake County Clerk. Because the links are to those official government websites, the lists are kept current, but contain candidates from all parties.  A subsequent formal candidate filing period will open in March.