Clean Air, Clean Energy, No Excuses Rally - PROVO

  • 51 South University Avenue Provo, UT, 84601 United States

The first ever Utah County "Clean Air, Clean Energy, No Excuses" Rally. This historic, free, public event will include noted speakers representing the public-health, business, spiritual, Native American and environmental-advocacy communities, plus live music. We all contribute to and are harmed by air pollution. It's time to FIX Utah's dirty air problem, not offer more excuses.

Everyone, including the unborn, depends on clean, safe air for good heath. Yet carbon energy (mainly coal, oil and gas) that powers our vehicles, homes and businesses produces harmful pollutants that damage our health, shorten our lives, shroud our beautiful landscapes, damage our economy and imperil the planet.

The prime responsibility of government is to protect the health and safety of its citizens. Our elected leaders must legislate effective changes that will protect our health and move Utah away from its heavy reliance on dirty, harmful, polluting, carbon-based energy and toward clean, safe, non-polluting, renewable energy, such as the sun and the wind. It's the right, moral and responsible thing to do.

So RALLY to demand that our state and federal elected leaders stop kicking clean air and clean energy down the road. It’s time to FIX our dirty air, dirty energy problem, not offer excuses!

The rally is hosted by the Utah Valley Earth Forum, Utah Valley's independent environmental-advocacy organization since 2006. Rally partners include the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, HEAL Utah, Utah Moms for Clean Air, Citizens Climate Lobby, BYU Earth Stewardship and the UVU Green Club.

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• ATTEND THE RALLY and bring family and friends.
• Bring face masks and signs demanding clean air and clean energy now!
• Join the UVEF. Membership is $10 per calendar year or $5 for students and seniors. Contributions are welcome.

Musical performances by:
Stefania Barr of Shrink the Giant
Michael Radford of City of Salt

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photos © JNWestwater