The Salt Lake County Democratic Executive Committee is comprised of volunteers who meet bi-weekly to plan the direction of the Party.


Q. Dang, Chair

P: 801 243 3180

My name is Quang, but everyone calls me Q. I am an immigrant, a father, and a business owner.

I own my own computer consulting company where I work with visually impaired veterans. I love supporting our veterans.  I love the stories they share with me.  It’s the best perk of my job. As their vision deteriorates, and the veterans become less mobile outside the home, the computer has opened up another way for them to communicate and stay connected to family, friends and the world at large.

As chair, I’m going to need your support to recruit more volunteers, retain those volunteers, and keep those volunteers engaged.  Volunteers are why we are a county party.  Without you volunteering your time and money this party wouldn’t exist. I will increase support from the executive committee down to every single voter to make sure each person feels that they have the resources they need to be effective and succeed.

Emily Hase, 1st Vice Chair 


Lavonne malone, 2nd vice chair

Joe Bycroft, 2nd Vice Chair


In 40 years of active participation in the Democratic Party, I have never observed such division between my "blue" brothers and sisters.  And, in my  15 years as the president of the IBEW local 650, trust me, I have seen some significant division.

8 years walking my district as both a delegate and precinct captain   has taught me that while we desperately need our principles, we also need to dig in and work hard!  "Ground up" work.  It's not sexy, but it's what brings the change we are seeking.  

I offer 15 years as president of my IBEW local 650 labor union, 3 years experience as the local chairman of my IBEW local 650 union, 3 years community council action, 5 years safety captain for the Union Pacific railroad, 8 year membership in the labor caucus, 8 years as a delegate and precinct captain, 2 years with women's caucus, (because I love and believe in the strength of women), and 1 year in the progressive caucus. I am not new to the Democratic party, I am not new to my drive to impress "blue" values on our republican leadership, and I am not new to the hard work I know it will take.  Vote for me for Second Vice Chair of the Salt Lake County Democratic  party.  I am ready, willing and able to step up, and do the hard work necessary.   

Mike Mitchell, Treasurer

Jennifer Dailey-Provost, Treasurer


I first moved to Salt Lake County to attend the University of Utah and as a proud Ute, I graduated with a degree in business and later completed my MBA at Westminster College. My family and I have made our home here, among wonderful friends and the incredible people of Salt Lake.

I believe deeply in the mission and objectives of the Democratic party in Utah and feel that they accurately represent true Utah values – inclusiveness, diversity, compassion, personal and community responsibility, dedication to helping neighbors, and celebrating all things that make each of us unique and essential to the fabric of our city.

My conviction in a progressive agenda that properly balances the needs of individuals with the needs of our community, creating opportunity and encouraging hope for all is why I wish to serve on the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Executive Committee. If every Utahn has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential by drawing on their passion, talent, and experience, we are positioned, as a state, to be better and do better. I wish to utilize my own skills and proficiency in business management to continue to support both a progressive agenda and the people in our state.

I hope you find that my education and years as executive director of a non-profit organization make me the ideal candidate to fulfill the position of treasurer. I also currently serve as board president of Advantage Services, which provides employment and support to people with barriers to employment, including the homeless, on the board of the Utah Health Care Institute, and have served on the boards of Utah Health and Human Rights and Repertory Dance Theatre. I currently advocate for state policy that protects disenfranchised Utahns on initiatives such as Medicaid expansion and Utah’s opioid crisis.

Cree mcNulty, Secretary

Ellen Brady, Secretary


I am a Utah Democrat who has long believed that the Democratic values of inclusion and compassion are also Utah’s values—a commitment the Salt Lake County party recognized when it gave me the Democratic Values Award in 2015.

My journey began in 2007 when I realized it was not enough to be on the sidelines: if I wanted to see change, I needed to be involved. Accordingly, I became a Precinct Chair and then won election as Legislative District Chair  for HD 46. In that role, I built a dedicated base of involved volunteers. I also spent many weekends in Colorado knocking on doors for both Obama campaigns; it was an honor to serve as his National Delegate in 2012.

Professionally I am a recently retired physician who also has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH). Most of my career focused on the planning and oversight of the clinical trials needed to gain FDA approval of new drugs. More recently, I provided ‘due diligence’ reports to clients who wished to invest in companies with promising new products. That background honed my ability to see both the important details and “big picture”; it also helped me develop expertise in the planning and execution of complex projects.

As Secretary to the Executive Committee, I pledge to put my "feet-on-the ground" experience, the talents honed in my professional life, and my newly-liberated time as a retiree toward the election of more Democrats. I am committed to helping to build the Salt Lake County Democrats with diversity and inclusion. Only by returning to our roots as the “big tent” we will make inroads into Utah’s current system of one-party governance. 

Tiffany Steck, Voting Member


Kael Kleinman, Voting Member



Kim Bowman, Parliamentarian*


Kim is the Parliamentarian and Chief Legal Counsel, a position he's held on two previous executive committees. Kim holds a JD from the University of the Pacific, a master’s degree in gerontology from the University of Southern California, an MBA from Westminster College, and BAs in gender studies and political science from the University of Utah.

Kim is an attorney with the law firm of Pearson, Butler, and Carson, PLLC. He has served on the boards of community nonprofits and associations, including the LDS Hospital Community Advisory Council, the RiteCare Children’s Learning Centers of Utah, and the Utah State Bar Young Lawyers Division. He is the 2017 Chair of the Greater Avenues Community Council in Salt Lake City. Prior to joining Pearson Butler, Kim worked for the University of Utah Health Sciences and in 2016 he ran for Lt. Governor of Utah. 

*Non-voting member