The Salt Lake County Democratic Executive Committee is comprised of elected and appointed volunteers who meet to plan for Party success.


Q. Dang, Chair

P: 801 243 3180

My name is Quang, but everyone calls me Q. I am an immigrant, a father, and a business owner.

I own my own computer consulting company where I work with visually impaired veterans. I love supporting our veterans.  I love the stories they share with me.  It’s the best perk of my job. As their vision deteriorates, and the veterans become less mobile outside the home, the computer has opened up another way for them to communicate and stay connected to family, friends and the world at large.

As chair, I’m going to need your support to recruit more volunteers, retain those volunteers, and keep those volunteers engaged.  Volunteers are why we are a county party.  Without you volunteering your time and money this party wouldn’t exist. I will increase support from the executive committee down to every single voter to make sure each person feels that they have the resources they need to be effective and succeed.

 Diane lewis, vice chair

Emily Hase, 1st Vice Chair 



2nd Vice Chair - VACANT


 Mike Mitchell, Treasurer

Will Shiflett, Treasurer

When I joined the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Finance Committee I  knew that I had joined the best committee. I want to continue Jennifer's efforts to build a strong, healthy, and sustainable balance sheet that will support our candidates, deliver the training envisioned by our Executive Team, and increase the number of Democrats who hold office in Salt Lake County!

My professional experience includes 18 years of responsibility for finance and budgeting. I am the Chief Operating Officer for a local non-profit with a $600,000 annual operating budget. Previously, I managed multi-million dollar state agency budgets, the largest being $27 million, and served as Actuary for the State of Utah Unemployment Insurance Fund of $797 million. I also have direct experience in the accounting system that our Executive Team uses.

My political experience includes over 15 years of working on municipal and state races. I have been a campaign manager for six races and recently ran for a municipal position in the Midvale/Ft Union area. I serve on the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Finance Committee, am Legislative Chair for HD44, and am the Regional Director for the Southeast quadrant of the County. I also have been deeply involved in candidate recruitment and am Chair of the Utah Democratic Party Public Relations Committee. 


Secretary - VACANT

 Mike struiksma, Voting Member   

Tiffany Steck, Voting Member


 Tammy Cousey, Voting Member

Kael Kleinman, Voting Member




Tyrell Aagard, Parliamentarian*

*Non-voting member