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Join the Salt Lake County Democrats for their 2019 Organizing Convention! At Convention you will have the opportunity to take part in Issue and Identity Caucus Meetings, meet candidates for Party office, and vote in contested races for Salt Lake County. Delegates will vote for County Party Executive Committee, and Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs, and current House District leadership will vote for House District Officers. We look forward to seeing you there, and can't wait to work with you to elect Democrats in 2019 and 2020!

Convention will take place the morning and afternoon of Saturday, April 13th at Butler Middle School (7530 S. 2700 E. Cottonwood Heights). 

Convention Schedule

Please note that this schedule is tentative after Call to Order, and times may change as needed and appropriate to accommodate election needs. 



  1. Registration Opens (8:30 am)

  2. Special Session Central Committee (9:00 am)

  3. Caucus Meetings 1 (9:30 am)

  4. Caucus Meetings 2 (10:45 am)

  5. Call to Order (12:00 pm)

    1. SLCo Electeds

    2. Uncontested Executive Committee Candidates

    3. Contested Executive Committee Candidates

  6. Balloting

  7. House District Meetings (approx. 1:15 pm)

  8. Results

  9. Adjourn (approx. 2:15 pm)


County Caucus Meetings

Flight One, 9:30 AM:

Black - B103
Veterans - B106
Hispanic - B101
Women - A201 Media Center
Stonewall - C108
Environmental - B108
LDS Dems - Auditorium

Flight Two, 10:45 AM:

AAPI - B108
Education - B106
Healthcare - C108
Disability - B101
Young Democrats - A201 Media Center
Progressives - Auditorium
Labor - B103

Caucus Agendas

Black - TBA
Veterans - Leadership Elections
Hispanic - Leadership elections.
Women - Elections of new Caucus Executive Officers, endorsements of County Executive Office Candidates, hearing from State Executive Office Candidates.
Stonewall - Confirming new Executive Board.
Environmental - Leadership elections.
LDS Dems - Q & A
Education - Leadership elections.
Healthcare - TBA
People with Disabilities - Leadership elections, candidates from county-level competitive elections, bylaw review, discussion with Disability Law Center.
Young Democrats - Leadership elections, endorsements of County Executive Office candidates.
Progressives - Leadership elections, endorsements of County Executive Office candidates. Link to bylaws.
Labor - Leadership elections.

Parking & Transit Details


We encourage Convention attendees to carpool or take transit if possible. Please reserve the yellow parking lot for ADA parking. Parking lots in red are open to anyone.

2019 Convention Parking Map.JPG


Bus Route 72 runs east/west along Ft. Union Blvd, picking up at Midvale Ft. Union Trax Station and locations along Ft. Union. Please be advised that to travel from the stop nearest the Convention location to the Convention location will require walking, as the bus does not drop off directly near the school.

Bus Route 220 run north/south along Highland Dr. and 1300 East, with the closest stop to the school located at Highland Dr. and 7430 South. Please be advised that to travel from the stop nearest the Convention location to the Convention location will require walking, as the bus does not drop off directly near the school. Please also be advised that this route is on detour (the detour map is available here.)

Salt Lake City Marathon Road Closures

If you live in the northeast portion of Salt Lake County, be advised that the Salt Lake City Marathon and related events will occur Saturday morning and early afternoon. Your commute to Convention may be impacted by road closures, so plan ahead!

The closure map and times are available here.

Convention FAQ

Q: Which races are decided at the Salt Lake County Convention?

A: At Organizing Conventions we elect Party leadership. This year delegates will vote for Salt Lake County Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Chair, First Vice Chair, and Treasurer are all running uncontested and will be elected by voice vote, while the Second Vice Chair and Secretary are contested and will be voted on via ballot. Candidates for these offices can be found here.

Precinct Chairs, First Vice Chairs, and current House District Officers will vote for new House District Officers. Candidates for these elections can be found here.

Q: What is a County Caucus?

A: The County has 14 Issue and Identity Caucuses, each of which focuses on advocacy and activism on their area of concern. Caucuses will meet before the call to order of Convention, and have different rules and expectations for participation. Caucuses meet during what we call “flights”, where multiple caucuses meet at the same time in different rooms. Unfortunately, you may not be able to attend all the Caucuses you want at Convention, so it can help to plan ahead to attend the ones that matter most to you in each flight. Many of the Caucuses are very active throughout the year, so even through you may not get to attend their meeting at Convention, you can find out what events they have coming up so you can get involved in other ways.

Some things you may expect to experience at a Caucus meeting is the conducting of Caucus business, such as the election of officers or voting on bylaw amendments, candidate speeches, voting on candidate endorsements, and speeches by elected representatives. Each Caucus operates a little differently than the next, so reach out to any Caucuses you are interested in to learn what to expect. You can check out the different Caucuses here, and reach out to their leaders to learn how to get involved.

Democratic Party Organization

The Democratic Party has many layers, and you could say that the County Party is the "bottom" of the formal party structure. We are made up of hundreds of delegates and precinct officers, are funded through grassroots donations by individuals, and are operated primarily by volunteer efforts. Here is an organizational chart to give you an idea of how we fit into the "big picture" of the Democratic Party.

Party Structure.JPG