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2022 Democratic Candidates

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County Office

County Council At Large:

Suzanne Harrison

Suzanne Harrison has been a fiscal watchdog in the Utah House and is running for an at-large seat on the Salt Lake County Council to bring its focus back to policies that will help Salt Lake families and away from partisan pandering for Facebook likes. Suzanne will work to lower our cost of living, improve our air quality, and protect our tax dollars.

County Council District 3:

Ashley Liewer

Ashley is an authentic leader who serves her community and provides a voice for the underserved, unseen, and unheard. She wants to know what you care about and why. Listening to and providing a voice for her constituents is Ashley’s key goal. 

County Council District 1:

Arlyn Bradshaw

Arlyn Bradshaw was first elected to serve on the Salt Lake County Council in 2010. He prioritizes air quality, open space preservation, transportation infrastructure, criminal justice reform, and a thriving economy. 

County Clerk:

Lannie Chapman

Lannie is running for County Clerk to ensure that public offices stay in the hands of public servants. Lannie wants to ensure Salt Lake County residents not only have the right to vote but can feel safe voting in whichever way they choose. 


Rosie Rivera

Sheriff Rivera believes in transparency and accountability in law enforcement. She works to earn the public trust every day. Law enforcement works for the people of Salt Lake County.

District Attorney:

Sim is passionate about Salt Lake County and the people who live here. That’s why he believes the mission of Salt Lake County’s District Attorney’s Office is to not just create safe communities, but do it the right way – with integrity, professional competence, fairness, vision, and a passionate commitment to provide a high standard of public service.

Sim Gill

State Senate

SD 9:
SD 12:
SD 13:
SD 14:
SD 18:
SD 19:

Federal Office

US House 1:
US House 2
US House 3
US House 4

State School Board


Carol Lear

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