Check a Buck on Your Tax Return!

The State of Utah has a program that allows taxpayers to contribute $2 on their individual tax return to the qualified political party of their choice through the Utah Election Campaign Fund. This is not only a convenient way to contribute to the Democratic Party, it also won’t decrease your refund or increase your tax liability! Each donation is split so that $1 goes to the UDP, and $1 goes to the Salt Lake County Democrats, creating a stream of donations that help us operate year-round. Please write a “D” on line 3 of your Utah Individual Income Tax Return, and help us fund the Party to elect more Democrats!


File Your Own Taxes?

Be sure to enter a “D” on line 3 of your Utah Individual Tax Return. If you are filing jointly, you can enter a D to donate $2 for each taxpayer

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File With a Tax Preparer?

Be sure to let your accountant or tax preparer know that you want to donate to the Democrats through the Election Campaign Fund. Some preparers will walk through paperwork with you, while others will give you forms to complete. Make sure you indicate your contribution on any forms.

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Thank You!

Thank you for your contribution through the Election Campaign Fund! It will help fund operations year-round, and go a long way to help elect Democrats in Salt Lake City and all over Utah.