The Salt Lake County Democratic Executive Committee is comprised of elected and appointed volunteers who meet regularly to plan for Party success.

All Executive Committee meetings are open to the public. They typically meet every other Monday evening at 6:30 pm, at the Salt Lake County Democratic Party office at 825 North 300 West, Ste. C400, Salt Lake City, UT 84103. Some occasional exceptions to this schedule do occur.

Click HERE to see an always up-to-date calendar of their scheduled meetings.

The entire Executive Committee may be reached by sending an email to

Diane lewis, vice chair

Emily Hase, Chair

I have worked on municipal, County-wide, and State-wide campaigns, and am committed to creating a County Party that can provide the tools necessary to elect Democrats to office from local school boards to the State House. I have been a campaign manager and communications director, and know how important it is to have resources available for candidates and campaigns to be successful, and for volunteers and newcomers to the party to feel empowered and welcomed. I have served as 1st Vice Chair of the SLCo Dems, Chair of the County Women's Caucus, and Public Relations Director for the Women’s Democratic Club. I have a B.A. in Political Science (and Music, I am also an opera singer!) and an MBA, and am committed to creating sustainable institutional knowledge and processes that bring our Party success not only in 2019 and 2020, but also in the decade to come. 


Tyrell Aagard, First Vice Chair

Tyrell is the First Vice Chair, and formerly served as the Parliamentarian. He has been completely enthralled by politics and government since his early teens—somehow he ended up as the liberal black sheep in a conservative family. Having grown up in very rural Utah, followed by living in Salt Lake County for many years, he has a solid understanding of the unique political quirks of the Beehive State, and is excited to be able to work to get more Democrats elected. He currently chairs the Rules Standing Committee and the Technology Committee, and simultaneously serves as the National Committeeman of the Young Democrats of Utah. His previous political work includes serving as the Vice President of the Young Democrats of Utah, chairing the Salt Lake County Young Democrats, and working as a Field Organizer for the Utah Democratic Party. Professionally, his career has been in development and fundraising for nonprofits focusing on the social issues of hunger, homelessness, and addiction. He holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah.


Wendy Garvin, Second Vice Chair

Wendy is the Second Vice Chair and leads the Issue and Identity Caucus Chairs, and chairs the Platform Standing Committee. She's previously served as Vice Chair of the Disability Caucus and Secretary of the Progressive Caucus. In 2018, she ran for State House in District 41. She also run a weekly roller skating group for LGBTQ youth, to help connect our Utah kids who are so often isolated socially, and give them opportunities for connection and friendship. She worked as both an engineer and program manager at Cisco Systems for 12 years, and has owned her own business as a Service Dog trainer for 10 years, training dogs for Veterans and others suffering from PTSD. 


Tim Barber, Secretary

Tim is proud to serve as your County Party Secretary. He previously served as vice chair of the Salt Lake County Young Democrats, managed successful legislative campaigns and volunteered and canvassed for many candidates all over the county. He works in homeless services and sees providing better resources and opportunities for the neediest in our community as our most urgent political goal.


Will Shiflett, Treasurer

When I joined the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Finance Committee I  knew that I had joined the best committee. I want to continue Jennifer's efforts to build a strong, healthy, and sustainable balance sheet that will support our candidates, deliver the training envisioned by our Executive Team, and increase the number of Democrats who hold office in Salt Lake County!

My professional experience includes 18 years of responsibility for finance and budgeting. I am the Chief Operating Officer for a local non-profit with a $600,000 annual operating budget. Previously, I managed multi-million dollar state agency budgets, the largest being $27 million, and served as Actuary for the State of Utah Unemployment Insurance Fund of $797 million. I also have direct experience in the accounting system that our Executive Team uses.

My political experience includes over 15 years of working on municipal and state races. I have been a campaign manager for six races and recently ran for a municipal position in the Midvale/Ft Union area. I serve on the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Finance Committee and am House District Chair for HD44.. I also have been deeply involved in candidate recruitment and am Chair of the Utah Democratic Party Public Relations Committee. 



Lori Taylor, At-Large Representative

Lori has been involved in Utah politics since she walked into the state party office when she moved to town in 2005 and said, "What can I do to help?" She has since been Precinct chair, House District chair, Regional Director, and member of the Salt Lake County Executive Committee. She also Chairs both the Salt Lake County Recruiting Committee and the Utah Democratic Party Candidate Recruitment Subcommittee. She loves organizing and matchmaking, both of which serve her well in supporting candidates as they run for office. She keeps her political focus on the big goal: elect Democrats. Lori's professional work includes publishing, museums, archives, university teaching, and nonprofits. Her postgraduate work in narrative, histories, lies, and propaganda prepared her well for political work as well as for the marketing and business consulting she does for a living. She has been a small business owner since 1999. She publishes both fiction and scholarly nonfiction.


Sarah Vaughn, At-Large Representative

Sarah Vaughn is a transplant from the Sunshine State (FL). She arrived in Utah in 2010 to attend the University of Utah, where she attained a BS in Communication with a minor in Political Science. It was on to graduate school, receiving her Masters in Public Administration (MPA). Sarah has decided to make Utah her home, specifically Salt Lake County. Since making this decision, Sarah has made extensive efforts to be involved in her community. She ran a political campaign in 2014 for a local democratic candidate, has volunteered with the Utah Black Chamber and ACLU Utah, and is a member of the Salt Lake County Dems. Sarah’s focus for the past two years has been helping marginalized groups in her community and finding ways for them to get a seat at the table. In her leisure time, Sarah enjoys brunching, exercising, traveling, learning more about her Jamaican heritage, and spending time with friends and family.


Antoinette Billings, Chair of House District Chairs

Antoinette has been active in Democrat politics since a child "of the 60's." Her family dinner table was peppered with discussions regarding the Vietnam War and Civil Rights. She recalls long desert walks with her family, holding a transistor radio, listening to coverage of the Watts riots. She participated in marches with her family and watched her mother stand up at PTA meetings, speaking up for the “hippies” that were "invading" her town.

Antoinette obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. and has done post-graduate work in Social Work and Early Childhood Education at BYU and the University of Utah. She is retired after 30 years with the U.S. Government at the Social Security Administration. She has held precinct offices in Utah County and Salt Lake County, and is currently the House District Chair of HD52. She has campaigned over the years with various candidates in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

Antoinette's most cherished moments are when she is with her daughters and her grandchildren. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, baking, home decorating, reading, and writing, and loves visiting Vermont and Cape Cod.


Caren Burns, Chair of Caucus Chairs

Caren Burns is excited for the opportunity to serve as the Chair of the Caucus Chairs on the Executive Committee for the Salt Lake County Democrats. Previously, she has served as a House District Chair and has volunteered for two Democratic political campaigns. Currently, Caren is the Chair of the Education Caucus for the Salt Lake County Democrats and is working as a member of the Granite Education Association Political Action Committee. Besides working with the Democratic Party, she is a 6th Grade teacher in the Granite School District, has founded a Social Justice Committee with Granite Education Association, and is a Teacher Fellow with the Hope Street Group. She is passionate about Social Justice and Racial Equity work in and out of education, and is hoping to bring a stronger voice for marginalized communities in Salt Lake County to the table.


Sen. Kathleen Riebe, Utah Senate Democratic Caucus Representative*

Senator Kathleen Riebe represents the Democratic members of the Utah State Senate on the Executive Committee.


Nadia Mahallati, Chief Legal Counsel*

Nadia came out of legal retirement to serve as Chief Legal Counsel. In addition to ensuring the Party follows the law and mitigates risks, she has implemented substantial changes to the Party’s Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures as chair of the Judicial Standing Committee. Nadia also serves as the At-Large Representative on the Utah Stonewall Democrats caucus executive board and is a past president of the Women’s Democratic Club. She is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Utah where she studies public policy, American politics, and persuasion of state legislators. She teaches undergraduate courses in public administration and American government at the U and SLCC.


Brad Townley, Parliamentarian*

Brad is a University of Utah alumnus who studied Political Science and Economics. Our resident pedant, he also serves as the state party Parliamentarian and the Young Democrats of Utah National Committeeman. He has previously served as the Political Director for the Salt Lake County Young Democrats, and as a board member for the Utah Stonewall Democrats.


Bonnie Billings, Executive Director*

Bonnie absolutely loves Salt Lake County. She was raised among Dems and has deep ties to the area. She started as the Executive Director of the Salt Lake Democratic Party in 2017. In this job she thrives on fundraising at every level. She also worked as a Field Organizer for the county in 2016 and as a Campaign Manager for several races. Before working in politics, she spent 8 years in Healthcare Administration doing policy auditing, data management, project management, and restructuring as well as co-managing a staff of 15. Bonnie has a B.A. in History with an emphasis on American Political History. Bonnie also has experience in trauma counseling, which, frankly, comes in handy in politics. When she isn't doing political work or attending political events, she likes to cook and hang out with her cat. Seriously, though, it isn't very often that she isn't thinking and doing politics.

*Indicates non-voting members