The Salt Lake County Democratic Executive Committee is comprised of elected and appointed volunteers who meet regularly to plan for Party success.

The Salt Lake County Executive Committee meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM at Party HQ (825 North 300 West, C400, Salt Lake City, Utah  84103). These meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.


Q. Dang, Chair

My name is Quang, but everyone calls me Q. I am an immigrant, a father, and a business owner.

I own my own computer consulting company where I work with visually impaired veterans. I love supporting our veterans.  I love the stories they share with me.  It’s the best perk of my job. As their vision deteriorates, and the veterans become less mobile outside the home, the computer has opened up another way for them to communicate and stay connected to family, friends and the world at large.

As chair, I’m going to need your support to recruit more volunteers, retain those volunteers, and keep those volunteers engaged.  Volunteers are why we are a county party.  Without you volunteering your time and money this party wouldn’t exist. I will increase support from the executive committee down to every single voter to make sure each person feels that they have the resources they need to be effective and succeed.

Diane lewis, vice chair

Emily Hase, 1st Vice Chair

I have worked on municipal, County-wide, and State-wide campaigns, and am committed to creating a County Party that can provide the tools necessary to elect Democrats to office from local school boards to the State House. I have been a campaign manager and communications director, and know how important it is to have resources available for candidates and campaigns to be successful, and for volunteers and newcomers to the party to feel empowered and welcomed. I currently serve as Chair of the County Women's Caucus, and work every day to encourage and support women to seek leadership positions in political and professional life. I have a B.A. in Political Science (and Music, I am also an opera singer!) and an MBA, and am committed to creating sustainable institutional knowledge and processes that bring our Party success not only in 2018, but also in the decade to come. 

June Hiatt_Second Vice Chair.jpg

June Hiatt, 2nd Vice Chair

I currently serve at the Vice Chair of the Women’s Caucus, Chair of the functions committee, and Precinct Chair for SLC019. I am committed to collaborative work that supports the County Party, its members, and challenges the status quo. I will work hard to ensure that caucuses, committees, and working groups have the support they need for success. Our caucuses and committees are the key to moving this party forward. I am committed to supporting all Democrats, those who are currently elected, those who are running for office, and the overall success of the Democratic party in Salt Lake County. 

Mike Mitchell, Treasurer

Will Shiflett, Treasurer

When I joined the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Finance Committee I  knew that I had joined the best committee. I want to continue Jennifer's efforts to build a strong, healthy, and sustainable balance sheet that will support our candidates, deliver the training envisioned by our Executive Team, and increase the number of Democrats who hold office in Salt Lake County!

My professional experience includes 18 years of responsibility for finance and budgeting. I am the Chief Operating Officer for a local non-profit with a $600,000 annual operating budget. Previously, I managed multi-million dollar state agency budgets, the largest being $27 million, and served as Actuary for the State of Utah Unemployment Insurance Fund of $797 million. I also have direct experience in the accounting system that our Executive Team uses.

My political experience includes over 15 years of working on municipal and state races. I have been a campaign manager for six races and recently ran for a municipal position in the Midvale/Ft Union area. I serve on the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Finance Committee, am Legislative Chair for HD44, and am the Regional Director for the Southeast quadrant of the County. I also have been deeply involved in candidate recruitment and am Chair of the Utah Democratic Party Public Relations Committee. 



Kat Payne, Secretary

Kat believes that the Salt Lake County Democratic Party doesn’t exist without the people, and the Executive Committee is here to empower them. Kat also serves as the Treasurer of the Salt Lake County Progressive Caucus and Vice Chair of HD 25. She looks forward to working with Democrats all across Salt Lake County to win elections on November 6th.

Mike struiksma, Voting Member

Tiffany Steck, Voting Member

Tiffany is a dedicated Democrat who brings her years of experience in volunteering, running for office, and working on campaigns to the Executive Committee. Tiffany has served as a voting member of the EC since fall 2017.

Tammy Cousey, Voting Member

Kael Kleinman, Voting Member

Kael Kleinman brings a fresh perspective to the County Executive Committee, and has served as a voting member since fall 2017. Kael enjoys volunteering with the Party and candidates, and is excited to see so many people participating in the Democratic process in 2018. 



Tyrell Aagard, Parliamentarian*

Tyrell has served as County Parliamentarian since February 2018, volunteering his skills to the Executive Committee, Central Committee, Rules Committee, Platform Committee, and Salt Lake County Convention. Tyrell also serves as Vice President of the Young Democrats of Utah, and was previously chair of the Salt Lake County Young Democrats. His career is in nonprofit development and fundraising, and he holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah.

Marla Headshot.JPG

Marla Mott-Smith, Fundraising Chair & Assistant Finance Chair*


Marla has been involved in leadership positions on many nonprofit boards, including one that served the homeless. She was founder and chair of a Legislation Action Committee that guided bills through the Utah Legislature designed to protect thousands of homeowners in Utah residing in condominiums and PUDs. She was founder and CEO of Community Association Consultants. Her client list included homeowner associations, developers, a major association bank, and many Utah management companies. Throughout her long career she has been in charge of budgeting millions of dollars.

After the 2016 election she felt the need to actively counter the administration and declared as a candidate for Utah’s 4th Congressional District. Marla withdrew to back a much more experienced candidate with proven name recognition and fund-raising ability. Her decision to withdraw was also based on helping to unite the Utah Democratic Party.

Marla has been a successful fund raiser for many causes and she is delighted to serve the Executive Committee and help the Salt Lake County Democrats achieve their goals.