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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 7, 2022


Contact: Eva Lopez

Salt Lake County Democratic Party Chair 


Salt Lake County Democratic Party Warns Against MAGA Republican Political Extremism in Salt Lake County


SALT LAKE CITY - With just 62 days until Election Day, Salt Lake voters need to be warned: MAGA Republican extremists are on November’s ballot. 


Nationally we have seen extremism rejected. Even in “red” states. Kansas voted down extreme abortion measures. Alaska sent a Democrat to Congress for the first time in 50 years. It is now up to Salt Lake County voters to decide. We must continue the national trend of opposing political extremism and stand with common sense public servants. The alternative is the following people getting elected: 


Goud Maragani (Republican Candidate for County Clerk) - Mr. Maragani is a political extremist who constantly casts doubt on our election system. Casting doubt on a pillar of the democratic process is not healthy, but dangerous. He led an election audit for the Republican Party despite there being zero evidence of any malfeasance. Lastly, Mr. Maragani spoke at an event for election deniers and conspiracy theorists. At this event he was clearly speaking to like-minded people.


Nick Roberts (Republican Candidate for County Sheriff) - Mr. Roberts is a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association or CSPOA, which he proudly displays on his website.  This organization was founded by a board member of the Oathkeepers which “encourages law enforcement officers to defy laws they decide are illegal”, has expressed support for Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol rioters, and believes that “power of the sheriff even supersedes the powers of the President.”  The Southern Poverty Law Center lists CSPOA as an “anti-government extremist group.”


Danielle Ahn (Republican Candidate for District Attorney) - Ms. Ahn graduated from law school just three years ago. During this time she was President of the Federalist Society at the University of Utah, a right-wing group funded by dark money that helps get extremist judges on the bench. She has never prosecuted a case in Salt Lake County though she is running to lead the largest prosecution office in the state. Ms. Ahn has referred to LGBTQ individuals as groomers


The Republican candidates for the offices listed above, are political extremists. They have each been endorsed by the Utah Freedom Coalition, a local group that traffics in conspiracy theories. They do not represent the values of Salt Lake County. 


“Salt Lake County voters deserve to know who is on the ballot. They also need to know there is an alternative to extremism and partisanship. Democrats are working hard every day to put forward common sense solutions. All Utahns that reject extremism must come together and vote in November.” - Eva Lopez Salt Lake County Democratic Party Chair


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