Executive Committee Candidates 



Emily Hase

My name is Emily Hase, and I am running for Chair because I am passionate about working to elect Democrats. In 2017 and 2018 I knocked on hundreds of doors for Democratic candidates, planned events like Caucus Night, Convention, and our many Days of Action, and created training opportunities for candidates, precinct officers, and volunteers. As Chair I will expand upon this work, and ensure the Salt Lake County Democratic Party will be ready to support our candidates in 2020 and beyond. I am committed to growing the Salt Lake County Party into the strong local organizing force we need to elect Democrats to public office from local school boards to Congress.

I currently serve as Salt Lake County 1st Vice Chair and Chair of the Salt Lake County Women's Caucus. You can learn more about my political and professional experience at www.voteemilyhase.com.

First Vice Chair

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Tyrell Aagard

My name is Tyrell Aagard, and I am thrilled to be running for First Vice Chair of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party!

My goals as First Vice Chair are to make a true, concentrated effort to getting more Democrats elected to municipal office in 2019, and then in 2020 help to reelect Rep. McAdams, reelect Mayor Wilson and Councilmember Ghorbani, and flip the County Council to Democratic control. I also want to continue the work I have been doing as Parliamentarian to clean up and optimize our internal processes, and make the procedures of the party easier to understand and to implement. I want a party that is responsive, transparent, adaptive, flexible, and open to newcomers.

I have been involved in Utah Democratic politics in many capacities: currently as the Parliamentarian for the County Party, the Vice President of the Young Democrats of Utah, and a board member of the Utah Stonewall Democrats; and previously as the Chair of the Salt Lake County Young Democrats and a field organizer for the state Party. I will also bring my professional experience in nonprofit development and fundraising to the table. I hope to earn your vote. Please feel free to send me an email at tyrell456+1vc@gmail.com.

Second Vice Chair


Wendy Garvin

My name is Wendy Garvin, and I'm running for 2nd Vice Chair because I am excited to get more Democrats elected in 2019 and 2020.

I'd like to use my experience running as a State House candidate in 2018 to help new candidates run strong campaigns. I'd like to bring my experience in the executive committees of the Progressive Caucus and the Disability Caucus to build caucuses in the county, and bring them together to help candidates get elected in the next 2 years.

I'd also like to use my experience as a citizen lobbying on the hill to help recruit candidates for districts in Salt Lake County. I know which legislators aren't working in our state's best interests. I know which issues they voted on against their constituents wishes. And I know how to campaign against them. I think we can use this to help get Democrats elected in 2020.

Please call me at 408-464-1351, or visit my web page at www.wendyforutah.com for more information.


Sasha Luks-Morgan

Since moving to Utah, I’ve held many community leadership positions. I’m currently the President of the Young Democrats of Utah and a member of the State Executive Committee. I’ve served as the Volunteer Director for the Utah Pride Festival and as the Co-Director of the Utah March for Science.

I am currently earning my PhD in Neuroscience at the U. My work with YDU, the state party, and my academic program have taught me the importance of seamless communication within an institution. As a caucus president, I know how vital it is to have an open relationship with party leadership. I want every caucus to know that our county’s leadership is there to support them. Proper leadership communication is central to any organization’s success and I am ready to make sure that our party succeeds.

We have work ahead of us to continue to defend the seats we hold now, and to pick up more. Every person who dedicates their time and effort to the work of our party needs to feel supported, informed, and heard. My combination of skills and experience mean that I am ready for 2020 and beyond.

Contact me anytime at sashaforutah@gmail.com with questions.


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Tim Barber

I'm Tim and I'm asking for your vote for Salt Lake County Democratic Party Secretary.

I grew up in Kaysville, Utah with a proud democratic family and I've loved politics all my life. I've lived in and around Salt Lake since graduating from Utah State in 2013. Since then, I've been involved with our party in several capacities, including volunteering with Young Democrats of Utah and the Stonewall Democrats, working for the state legislature and managing and helping legislative campaigns in 2016 and 2018.

I'm running to ensure our party functions smoothly and to facilitate good communication among all party stakeholders, namely, those working to elect more democrats here in Salt Lake County. It will take a lot of work to organize our party and candidates for victory in a presidential cycle like 2020, but my experience has prepared me for it and I'm ready to serve. I hope to earn your vote.
Feel free to contact me at timothyjbarber@gmail.com with any questions!


Aaron Frost


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Will Shiflett

I’m excited to ask for your support as I seek to be re-elected as Treasurer!

As Treasurer I’ve worked hard to improve our Party’s financial condition, implement GAAP processes, and deliver easy to understand financial reports. I’ve succeeded in converting our accounting system, which was a collection of spreadsheets and institutional memory, to a fully integrated accounting program with permanent records. I’ve updated and improved cash management without harming our ability to remain nimble. I’ve also instituted protocols that protect Party assets, ensure contributions are used wisely, and financial information is always available for planning and decisions.

I’m very pleased—and proud—of the progress that has been implemented during my tenure. For the first time in years SL County Dems are in a positive cash position, have operated within available revenue, and not borrowed money to remain functioning. I want to keep serving as Treasurer and continue taking our Party to a higher level of prosperity. With your support I know we will continue to grow and become more successful!

I hope I’ve earned your vote to remain as Treasurer. If you have any questions and/or ideas please contact me at willfor54@gmail.com. Thank you for your time and support!!!