How to keep up with your Congressperson and Create Community Action

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 @ 6pm
University of Utah College of Social Work
395 South 1500 East

A Symposium on how to track and create a relationship with local, state, and federal political leaders; and create community action. Topics will include: 
Channeling anger and emotion into passion and action
How to develop a relationship with your civic leaders
How to follow bills and movements of legislators
Researching and understanding the opponents view
How to get the community involved
How to make sure your message isn't lost in translation
How to organize political events
How to remain positive when advocating for social justice
A discussion on the next steps that need to be made to protect Standing Rock and protect Utah's air.

If you are a part of a social justice group or just want to help your community please come and join our new social justice coalition.

This event is being hosted by the newly formed community social justice action coalition (to be named at meeting) from the University of Utah, Voices of Diversity, PANDOS, Hinkley Institute and others.