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Other Committees 

Committees support Party functions; new members are always welcome.

Finance Standing Committee
This working group enhances our fundraising capacity through new and existing methods, including phone banks. It is chaired by the Party’s Treasurer.
Jeff Hatch, Chair

Rules Standing Committee
This committee creates and enforces rules for official party events, including conventions and special elections. It is made up of the House District chairs and chaired by the Party’s First Vice Chair.
Deborah Gatrell, Chair

Platform Standing Committee
This committee drafts a proposed Party platform, which is considered, amended, and adopted by the delegates at our Nominating Conventions in each even-numbered year. It is chaired by the Party’s Second Vice Chair.
John Martinez, Chair

Judicial Standing Committee
This committee hears and adjudicates complaints about violations of the rules and provisions of the Party. It is chaired by the Party’s Chief Legal Counsel. Complaints may be submitted via the email address listed here.
, Chair

Candidate Recruitment Committee
This group works to recruit and help train good, qualified Democratic candidates for public office up and down the ballot.
Catherine Voutaz, Chair

Technology Committee
This team works to implement technological solutions for our daily and program operations, as well as communications strategies to brand the Democratic Party, share our Democratic values, and promote the County Party and its events.
Tyrell Aagard, Chair

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