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2024 Candidates

Explore the compelling 2024 Democratic candidate bios to discover leaders committed to fostering inclusivity, addressing climate change, and advancing equitable economic policies.

These candidates embody the values we champion, offering a vision for a better future that aligns with the Democratic ideals of truth, justice, and opportunity for all.

Jenny Wilson - sq - Ian Koski.jpg

Mayor Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson’s service as county mayor has been guided by a commitment to good government that improves the quality of life for Salt Lake County residents while lowering their cost of living. She has made major investments in parks, trails, and rec centers, and has not shied away from making tough decisions to protect county residents. A fifth-generation Utahn, Jenny has worked in the private sector and nonprofit community. Jenny was the first woman elected to the County Council, serving for 10 years before becoming mayor.


Katie Olson - District 2

Katie Olson has dedicated her career to the continuous improvement of government. With a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a masters degree in public administration, Katie is not afraid of getting into the details of data and processes to deliver results. She currently works for the City of South Jordan as an internal consultant, partnering with each city department to evaluate their effectiveness and help make informed decisions that best benefit the community. Her commitment to pushing boundaries and seeking innovative solutions sets her apart both as a professional and a candidate. With a comprehensive approach that involves examining issues from all angles, running the numbers, and addressing challenging questions, Katie’s professional skillset is a perfect match for no-nonsense public service. Her commitment is unwavering – decisions rooted in data, guided by logic, and always centered on compassion.

With a focus on "Striking the Balance", Katie aims to navigate the complexities of governance by finding fair solutions that benefit the entire community and honor taxpayer dollars. She believes in a government that values data, empathy, and experience, considers all perspectives, and works towards a balanced future. Together, let's strike the balance between data-driven and empathetic leadership, creating a county that works for everyone.

Ross Photo 2 - Katie Tilton_edited.jpg

Ross Romero - District 4

Ross Romero is a dedicated public servant with decades of experience in local governance, shaping his understanding of the intricate dynamics between communities and their governing bodies.
Before stepping into the political arena, Ross graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in 1993 and later pursued his JD at the University of Michigan Law School, graduating in 1996. He then proudly served as a Utah State Senator and House Member, from 2005 to 2012 and later retired from the Senate as the Democratic Leader.
During President Obama’s second administration, Ross was appointed to the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars and he was later elected to represent the Democratic National Committee as Committeeman in 2020, where he currently serves upholding Democratic principles and values.
He has served on multiple boards and committees, including the Board of the National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials (NALEO), the Utah Hospital Association, and the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity, where he worked to foster inclusive environments.
In his professional career, Ross advocates for proactive workforce/workplace Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion practices through his consulting company, Inclusion Strategies, which he founded in 2020. Ross is passionate about community-centered local governance and extending his knowledge to make a positive impact in Salt Lake County’s District 4 through actionable policy that will yield meaningful results for his constituents.

Robinson-61 (2) - Zach Robinson.jpeg

Zach Robinson - District 6

Zach Robinson currently serves on the Sandy City Council, representing Sandy’s East Side. With a decade of dedicated service as a firefighter and paramedic, Zach's commitment to the community's well-being remains unwavering. In his current role at University of Utah Health, Zach serves as an Operations Manager for virtual care. Zach and his wife, Nichole, first met at the University of Utah and their daughters, Hannah and Haleigh, currently navigate the halls of Eastmont Middle School and Jordan High School. In leisure, Zach enjoys various activities, from family golfing, camping, and attending his daughters various dance recitals and competitions. Additionally, he actively participates in pursuits such as hiking, running marathons, and supporting University of Utah athletics.

202401-Dustin-Gettel-31-v2 - Dustin Gettel.jpg

Dustin Gettel - At Large C

Dustin Gettel grew up in Chambersburg, a small town in rural Pennsylvania known for its famous potato rolls. Early on, he set his sights on a career in public policy and received a Master of Jurisprudence with an emphasis on healthcare law from Delaware Law School in 2009. Dustin moved to Utah in 2015 when his partner got a new job, and he fell in love with the community, the scenery, and the clean, breathable mountain air. In 2016, Dustin began working for the Utah Department of Health as a Policy Analyst. He makes his home in downtown Midvale with his beloved pets and has a wonderfully supportive partner named Preston.

Soon after moving to Midvale in 2015, Dustin was almost struck by a speeding car while walking to the Bingham Junction Trax station. He pushed for his city to put a crosswalk in this busy intersection but found a government that was unresponsive and slow. Dustin set out to change that by running for city council, unseating an incumbent in 2017 and easily winning re-election in 2021. Dustin's hobbies include hiking, daily walks on the Jordan River Trail, true crime books and podcasts, board and strategy games, and being a dog, cat, and plant dad.

DSC_5196 - Mason Hughes.png

Natalie Pinkney - At Large C

Natalie Pinkney is running to bring Bold Leadership to the Salt Lake County Council At-Large position. An alumnus of Marquette University and the University of Utah, Natalie blends her educational background in psychology and educational leadership with a heartfelt dedication to the community's prosperity. She champions financial empowerment, sustainable infrastructure, and affordable housing.


In her current position on the South Salt Lake City Council, she supported the creation of a citywide glass recycling program, secured funding for the arts, and established South Salt Lake’s Financial Empowerment Center, A true people's council member, she has a deep-seated commitment to ensuring families in the county receive the level of support that made a difference in her own life. Outside of her bustling political life, Natalie is a small business owner and cherishes moments playing tennis and enjoying the company of her friends, family, and beloved cats.

CampaignPhoto_Grey2 (1)_edited.jpg

Rashelle Hobbs - Recorder

Rashelle Hobbs is running for re-election as Salt Lake County Recorder, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a proven track record of public service within her community. With a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, Rashelle is integral to the county's administrative landscape.

Rashelle is driven by her commitment to good governance, not politics. Her career in public service began in the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office with a commitment to making local government accessible and responsive to the needs of its residents. With over a decade of experience in county government and operations, Rashelle has played a crucial role in modernizing and streamlining the operations of the Recorder's office. Under her leadership, the office has embraced technological advancements to enhance accessibility and efficiency, ensuring residents can easily access and utilize essential services.

Rashelle's dedication to transparency is evident in her efforts to make information readily available to the public. Rashelle is committed to fostering a Recorder's office that not only meets the needs of today's residents but anticipates and adapts to the evolving needs of the future.

Her leadership, experience, and devotion demonstrate the need for her re-election as Salt Lake County Recorder. Rashelle looks forward to continuing her service to the community and further enhancing the functionality and accessibility of the Recorder's office for all Salt Lake County residents

filter-14 - Sheila Srivastava.jpg

Sheila Srivastava, CPA - Treasurer

Sheila Srivastava is a qualified CPA with over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills in balancing budgets, conducting audits, preparing tax returns, detecting fraud, strategic planning, consulting with federal grant contract management, and consulting with government municipalities. 


Sheila has built a reputation for getting things done efficiently, showcasing her proficiency in financial management.
Recognizing that effective money management extends beyond numbers, Sheila believes in providing insights, advice, and ethical guidance crucial for individuals, businesses, and governments. Drawing from both her personal and professional experiences, she brings a unique qualification to seamlessly integrate both dollars and sense into every role she takes on.


Sheila's candidacy is grounded in a commitment to ethical financial practices and a genuine desire to serve the community. Her vision revolves around ensuring that tax dollars are managed with care and diligence, reflecting not only her expertise as a financial professional but also her dedication as a public servant.
With a deep understanding that every dollar collected is hard-earned,


Sheila pledges to handle taxpayers' dollars with care. As Treasurer, Sheila will be dedicated to responsible and transparent financial stewardship, making a positive impact on the fiscal well-being of Salt Lake County.

01 - Joel Frost.png

Joel Frost - Assessor

Joel has been one of the leading residential appraisers in Salt Lake County since 2006. A resident of Sandy, Joel has been a leader in the appraisal and valuation community for years. He has served as President of the Utah Coalition of Appraisers (as well as many other board positions), a board member of the Utah Association of Appraisers. Joel currently serves on the Appraiser Experience Review Committee for the Utah Division of Real Estate. He is also a common expert witness appraiser in Utah. He is an instructor for Appraiser and Real Estate Education in Utah.


Joel devotes time each week to volunteer work including: The Sandy City CDBG Committee (this committee makes an annual recommendation to the City Council on how to distribute federal grant money through the community), the Sandy City Steering Committee (this committee is involved with the development of a new General Plan), and the Salt Lake Habitat for Humanity Family Services Committee as well as the HFH Loan Services Committee. Historically Joel has long standing involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, including currently the Draper Pack 4444. Joel enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and finding fun new challenges in life. His family once won a $10,000 prize on a cooking show (Dinner Takes All).

Joel is a lover and connoisseur of hot sauces, including cooking and bottling over 400 bottles of hot sauce each year.

Setterberg-Kent-2588-forweb - Kent Setterberg.jpg

Kent Setterberg, P.L.S. - Surveyor

Kent Setterberg is running for the Office of Salt Lake County Surveyor. He was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley. Kent has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Mimi for 26 years. Kent has a daughter and a son, seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Kent is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor (P.L.S) with the State of Utah and a member of the Utah Council of Land Surveyors. He became part of the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office in 1994 and has gained years of knowledge in the field of land surveying. Kent has taken advantage of opportunities that came within the Surveyor’s office in order to expand his education and training. He attended Salt Lake Community College where he received his Geomatics degree in Land Surveying, which resulted in acquiring his Surveying license.

In Kent’s 30 years in the Surveyor’s office, he has developed a passion for how land surveying impacts land owners and protecting their property rights in a fair and ethical manner. He will protect and preserve the Public Land Survey System, as this system is essential to all property surveys in the County and is shared by the County’s property tax system. In the land surveying community, the average age of a surveyor in Utah is 53 years old. We need more young people to be involved in surveying. Kent looks forward to connecting with these young people by attending career day events at schools in hopes of raising awareness and interest in the surveying industry.

FUN FACT: 3 of the 4 presidents on Mt. Rushmore were surveyors, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

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