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February 2024 Event Recap

A Dynamic Month of Democratic Engagement

As we reflect on the events of the month, it's clear that the Democratic spirit is alive and thriving in our community. Here's a quick recap of the noteworthy gatherings that brought us together and set the tone for an impactful year:

Q1 Central Committee Meeting: Our Central Committee Meeting served as a crucial platform for open discussions, strategic planning, and fostering unity among party members. The exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts laid the groundwork for a successful campaign season ahead.

Katie Olsen for District 2: The launch of Katie Olsen's campaign marked the beginning of an inspiring journey. Katie's dedication to community values and progressive ideals resonated strongly, setting the stage for a vibrant campaign season.

Pictured: Chair Velazquez, Katie Olsen (Candidate for SLCo Council District 2), SLCo Councilwoman Suzanne Harrison

Celebrating WDC Woman of the Year - Brandy Farmer: The Women's Democratic Club (WDC) celebrated Brandy Farmer for her outstanding contributions to our community exemplifying the values we hold dear. Her leadership of the Hispanic Caucus and commitment to democracy inspire us all.

(Left to Right, Holladay Townhall with Sen. Pitcher, Rep. Bennion, Rep. Owens, Rep. Spackman-Moss, Sen. Riebe; Chair Velazquez filming Caucus Night videos, Brandy Farmer)

Meet the Candidates Night: A fantastic evening unfolded during our campaign season kickoff with a Meet the Candidates Night. Mayor Wilson, Recorder Rashelle Hobbs, and other candidates engaged with voters, sharing their visions and addressing community concerns. It was a wonderful opportunity for voters to connect directly with those seeking to represent them.

These events have laid the foundation for a year filled with Democratic enthusiasm, unity, and a shared commitment to building a better future. Stay tuned for more updates and let's continue to make a positive impact together! #DemocraticEvents #CampaignSeasonKickoff #UnityInAction

(Left to Right) Nick Glenn (SLCo Dems Executive Director), Travis Smith (HD42 House Candidate), Amber Hendrix (SLCo Dems First Vice Chair); Candidates running for office from Holladay to Sandy; Mayor Jenny Wilson and HD41 Vice Chair Jen Cottam; Zach Robinson (SLCo Council District 6 Candidate)

Join us for our upcoming events. Check out our events calendar and social media to see how you can get involved.


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