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January 2024 Events Recap

Join us for our upcoming events. Check out our events calendar and social media to see how you can get involved.

Left to right: Sandy residents meet with Utah House of Representatives Candidate Travis Smith in HD42.

Left to right: Robin Hough, Councilwoman Bonnie Billings and Jade Velazquez at the UDP Legislative Ball, a view from the House floor during the 2024 Legislative Session, the SLCo Dems Executive Committee at the Legislative Ball, Jade Velazquez and Rep. Mark Wheatley observe the 2024 Legislative Session.

Left to right: The AMAZING Utah House and Senate Dems Caucuses are doing an incredible job at the 2024 Legislative Session. Reach out to a Rep to see if you can shadow them for a day!

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to get involved. Let's continue to build a stronger, more inclusive future. Click here to see upcoming events.


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