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Opinion: There’s a tragic irony behind Utah’s book bans

Deborah Gatrell | For The Salt Lake Tribune

We’re so distracted by arguments over books, we’ve lost sight of what really matters.

"If we keep stumbling down the censorship path, classics like Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” will soon be on the chopping block. Like the star-crossed lovers, book banners will always lose in the end, but until we deal with real threats to students, we will continue mourning the loss of Utah children to violent death — guns remain the number one killer of Utah children through suicide, domestic violence and family annihilation, murders and unintentional so-called “accidents.”

Utah kids deserve America’s promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our guns are cheating them, not our books.

Call on your elected officials to prioritize responsible life-saving gun legislation supported by Utahns over big-government book micromanagement pushed by a radical minority shouting, “I object.”

Deborah Gatrell is a third-generation U.S. Army veteran, former Salt Lake County Executive Committee Member, and a social studies teacher in the Granite School District.


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