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April 2024 Event Recap & Upcoming Events

April Was Great! May is Around the Corner

April was an electrifying month filled with passionate campaigning, community gatherings, and fundraising events in support of our Democratic candidates. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Campaign Fundraisers Galore:

Rep. Brian King for Governor: The campaign fundraiser for Rep. Brian King's gubernatorial bid garnered tremendous support from across the state. With a vision for progress and inclusivity, Rep. King is poised to lead Utah forward

Travis Smith for HD42, Stacy Bernal for HD10, Dawn Stevenson for HD27, Rosalba Dominguez for HD35, and Glenn Wright for CD3, and more! These candidates hosted successful fundraisers, rallying support for their respective campaigns. Their dedication to representing their districts shone brightly at these events.

Left to Right: Rep Brian King, Sen Kathleen Riebe, Chair Jade Velazquez; Drinks with Dems group; more drinks with Dems attendees; James Stewart, Ann Dent, and Michele Rivera.

Zach Robinson for SLCo Council and Joel Frost for County Assessor: Community members showed up in force to back Zach Robinson and Joel Frost in their bids for local office. Their commitment to serving their communities resonated with attendees.

HD41 Community Gathering and the Monthly Drinks with Dems Meetup: The HD41 Community Gathering was a testament to the strength of grassroots organizing. Cheers to another successful Drinks with Dems Meetup! Our next monthly meetup is May 24th at Tucci's Cucina Italiana and our friends at Drinking Liberally!

Rounding out April was the Taylor Mayne Fundraiser and State Democratic Convention: The Taylor Mayne Fundraiser was a resounding success, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you. And finally, we culminated the month with the State Democratic Convention. Delegates from across the state convened to nominate candidates, adopt the State platform and Constitution, and chart the course for our party's future. The convention was a testament to the power of democracy in action.

Left to Right: SLCo DA Sim Gill , Rep Rosemary Lesser, Sen Nate Blouin, Sandy Mayor Monica Zoltanski, and Chair Jade Velazquez; Travis Smith on stage; Jesus Jimenez-Vivanco, Kael Weston, Sen Nate Blouin, Rep Joel Briscoe; Jesus Jimenez-Vivanco, Chair Jade Velazquez, Denece Mikolash; Jennifer Miller Smith, Amber Hendrix; Jesus Jimenez-Vivanco, Nick Glenn, Chair Jade Velazquez, Michele Rivera, Amber Hendrix.

May Events

Join us for our upcoming events. Check out our events calendar and social media to see how you can get involved.


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