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Call To Action: Tell Gov. Cox to Veto HB 29

The Utah Legislature has passed HB 29 Sensitive Materials Amendments a bill that will lead to books being banned in all of Utah if even a few school districts anywhere in Utah decide to ban the book. Book banning is censorship and takes control away from teachers and librarians who are the experts in what material is appropriate for students. This bill is now headed to Governor Cox desk and we need your help to make sure it doesn't get signed.

Utahn's have a right to read and we need you help to protect it. Our friends at the ACLU of Utah and the Let Utah Read Coalition have created an email petition to ask Gov. Cox to take a stand and veto HB 29. Take the time today to join them and send an email to Gov Cox telling him to veto HB 29.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts in protecting Utahns' Right To Read. Please consider donating to the Salt Lake County Democratic Party, so we can continue to fight bad bills like HB 29 and stand in support of local schools, students, and teachers.


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