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Call To Action: Tell your Rep to Vote No on HB 285

Tomorrow at 2pm the House Business and Labor Committee will be hearing HB 285 an anti-union bill. HB 285 has been flagged by our union allies because it places unnecessary regulations on labor unions and interferes in how workers use their paychecks. Utah's unions need your support help prevent the passage of this bill and protect the rights of workers.

Here is what you can do to help:

Attend the Hearing in Person or Virtually

HB 285 is scheduled to be heard tomorrow, January 26th, by the House Business and Labor Committee in Room 445 of the State Capitol at 2:00 PM. Please attend and be ready to leave a comment voicing your disapproval of the bill.


If you are unable to attend in-person, you can join virtually through the link on the House Business and Labor Committee's webpage.

Call or Email your Representative


Contact your Representative now about voting 'No' on HB 285. To find who your representative is, visit Simply call and leave them a message explaining your objection to this Bill, or email them with your reasonings.


If you are having trouble writing an email, here is a template drafted for you. Simply copy it and replace the text in brackets to customize it to yourself. 



Hello [Representative Name],


HB 285 is being heard Jan 26th at 2pm by the House Business and Labor Committee. I, as your constituent, would like to express my disapproval and urge you to vote ‘No’ on this bill.


HB 285 is the government interfering in how workers' paychecks by preventing them from automatically deducting union dues. No other types of deductions are prohibited in Utah. This bill is a classic example of government overreach and infringes on a worker's right to spend their money how they wish. Again, I urge you to vote ‘No’ on HB 285.




[Your Name]

Thank you


We sincerely appreciate your efforts to fight bad bills and protect Utahns.


Please consider donating to the Salt Lake County Democratic Party so we can continue to support our unions and elect pro-labor candidates in Salt Lake County. Your support helps us continue to fight against Republican extremism and protect the rights of Utah workers.


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