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How to get involved: 2024 Utah Legislative Session

The 2024 Utah Legislative Session starts in 5 days! During last year's Legislative Session, our Democratic representatives accomplished a lot like expanding CHIP access and requiring maternal care coverage for public employees. Despite these accomplishments, 2023 was also one of the most extreme right-wing sessions with bills attacking transgender kids, undermining our public schools, and further restricting abortion access.


If we want 2024 to be different, then we need to do everything we can to make our voices heard and fight Republican extremism. Right now is our best opportunity to save the Great Salt Lake, protect the rights of trans children, defend DEI initiatives, and so much more. Read on to learn how you can get involved and make a difference.

How to get involved:


One of the best ways for your voice to be heard on a bill is to comment during committee hearings and luckily the Utah Legislature has made it easy to do, even if you can't make it up to the hill. All committee hearings have a virtual attendance option on the Utah Legislature's website: Here's a step-by-step guide on how to participate virtually.

2. Call and Email Your Legislators

If you can't attend a committee hearing you can still make your voice heard by calling or emailing your own State Representatives and Senators and telling them which bills you support/oppose. Here's a list of State Representatives and State Senators' contact information. Don't know who your representatives are? You can find them here.

3. Sign up for Legislative Newsletters

Many great groups put out legislative newsletters and updates. We recommend you follow the Utah House Democrats and Utah Senate Democrats on social media and sign up for the Utah House Democrat's newsletter. Some of the best daily updates come from our friends at Alliance for A Better Utah and of course, we and the Utah Democratic Party will be sending out frequent updates and emails.

4. Be ready to Act

The Legislative Session runs very quickly and bills are often introduced and brought to a vote in just a few days. That's why we need to be on our toes and ready to act at a moment's notice. 

5. Donate to Democratic candidates

We are also working hard to elect more Democrats and end the Republican super-majority. If you want to help us, then please contribute a few dollars today to support the 66 Democratic candidates running for office in Salt Lake County.

Thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time to get involved during the 2024 Legislative Session. Your participation is invaluable. 


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