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October 2023 Events Recap

Join us for our upcoming events. Check out our events calendar and social media to see how you can get involved.

We kicked off October with the House District Leadership meeting—think Avengers assembling, but with more hoodies and less spandex. Our quarterly Caucus Leadership meeting was also productive; even chess grandmasters would've been impressed by the strategizing.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon was all about celebrating Dr. Jennifer Seelig, who deserves a standing ovation for making politics look as easy as a game of Monopoly (but with real consequences). And speaking of games, our Monster Mash Fundraiser had more monsters on than a haunted house. Who knew political moves could be so spooky?

We held our monthly Happy Hour in southwest Salt Lake County and at the Central Committee Meeting, guest speaker Rashelle Hobbs, Salt Lake County Recorder told us all about the achievements her office has made since she was elected. From eliminating the office’s gender pay gap, to implementing new technologies for property owners, we are lucky she’s running again in 2024.

And just when you thought politics couldn't get any sassier, we joined Drag Queen Bingo with the Women’s Democratic Club. It was a night of high heels, higher spirits, and bingo balls rolling like the wheels of progress.

But wait, there's more! Countless canvassing events and fundraisers happened—so many that even GPS lost count. Our volunteers were everywhere, knocking on doors with more determination than a pizza delivery guy during a hunger strike.

In the end, it was a political circus, and we were the ringmasters. So here's to democracy, laughter, and proving that even in politics, you can have your cake and eat it too—especially if it's at a Drag Queen Bingo night!

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to get involved. Let's continue to build a stronger, more inclusive future. Click here to see upcoming events.


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