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HB214 was Defeated and Voting Rights were Protected

HB 214 protecting voting rights was voted unanimously to hold the bill in committee. HB 214 required county clerks to reject all mail-in ballots received after Election Day. Currently, mail-in ballots are counted as long as they are postmarked by the day before Election Day regardless of when the county clerk receives them.


Changing the requirements for mail-in ballots without allocating any money to educating voters about the change could have disenfranchised thousands of voters across the state.

This is only the first in what will likely be several attacks made against mail-in voting in the 2024 Legislative session, which is why we need as many people as possible to voice their support for our current voting system. Voting should be as accessible and easy as possible and with your help, it will stay that way in Utah.

Thank you so much to everyone who spoke against HB 214 and helped us protect Utah's vote-by-mail system. Your efforts are what prevented HB 214 from impacting thousands of Utahns' ability to vote.

While we successfully prevented an attack on voting we need to stay vigilant and involved. Extreme Republicans are planning on running other bills attacking voting this cycle and are currently running two very extreme bills attacking DEI (HB 261) and trans-rights (HB 257). Please write you Senator telling them to vote no on HB 261 and HB 257 and continue to watch for calls to action from the Salt Lake County Party and all of our allies.


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