Precinct Officer and Delegate Training Video for Newly Elected 2016-2018 SLCo. Members

Salt Lake County Democratic Party Training for Precinct Officers and Delegates elected for the 2016-2018 term.

Executive Committee Openings

The Salt Lake County Democratic Party has two openings on our Executive Committee: Treasurer and Appointed Voting Member.  If you are interested in either position, please send a resume and one page cover letter explaining your experience and desire to take on the role to by 5:00 pm Wednesday, May 11.  Reminder that these are volunteer positions.  See below for roles and responsibilities.  Treasurer is a well defined role in our Constitution but the Appointed Voting Member is undefined.  The Executive Committee has in mind that the new Voting Member will take on a Volunteer Coordinator role, but please let us know in your cover letter if you see another unfilled role you would like to pursue as our newest Voting Member.   The selection of persons for the appointed positions shall be made in such a manner as to achieve the greatest degree of gender balance on the Executive Committee. 

County Party Treasurer:

1.    Maintain the County Democratic Party financial records, accounting for all funds raised and received by the County, and their expenditure,

2.    Submit the financial report to each meeting of the County Central Committee and make financial records available for annual audit,

3.    Transfer all records and funds to the succeeding Treasurer,

4.    Serve as the Chair of the Finance Standing Committee,

5.    Shall be responsible for submitting financial disclosure reports to the State of Utah as dictated by the Utah State Election Code,

6.    Assist Legislative officers in any and all fiscal responsibilities and methods, if needed.


Voting Member:

1.  Coordinate volunteer opportunities between candidate campaigns, the Party, and other Democratically affiliated groups,

2. Design volunteer training programs in conjunction with our Outreach and Grassroots Committees,

3. Imagine volunteer opportunities for a variety of skill-sets and abilities so that everyone who wants to get involved can,

4. Any other role or projects you see unfilled that can allow the Party to further or better engage the residents of Salt Lake County. 


2016 SLCo. Organizing Convention Results

Thank you to our volunteers, including our exceptional executive committee members for putting together an amazing convention yesterday at Cyprus High School.

Congratulations to all who came and participated yesterday.  Thank you to our candidates and delegates.  Cyprus High School staff and faculty were great to work with and we appreciate your hospitality.

HD 40: Hemingway 72%  Hall 28%
HD 37: Spackman Moss 90% Lucas 10%
HD 32: Harrison 70% Hammond 30%
HD 44: Passey 96% Jackson 4%

HD 43 (1st Ballot): Harwood 58% Thorell 42%
HD 43 (2nd Ballot): Harwood 77% Thorell 23%

County Council B (1st Ballot): Bowman 58% Kanter 42%
County Council B (2nd Ballot) Bowman 56% Kanter 44%

*As of April 18th, Kim Bowman Jr. dropped out of the County Council race and has joined Mike Weinholtz for Governor as his Lt. Governor running mate.  The June 28th Primary will not longer have a Salt Lake County race on the ballot.