A Message from the Salt Lake County Democratic Party, 

“Don’t get cynical. Never believe that you can’t make a difference.”
-President Obama

Thanks to everyone who refused to get cynical about politics this election and never gave up believing that you could make a difference. Your efforts have been felt, appreciated, and make our community a better place.

Thanks to our candidates for stepping into the arena and fighting for what you believe in. You represented your voters and your party well and advanced the cause.

Thank you to all the volunteers on any campaign in the whole county who gave up time and energy for a communal cause. There is nothing more noble or American than giving of yourself to help others.

Thank you to our donors who supported us this election. We rely on your support to advance Democratic ideals locally.

The Democratic Party may have lost on a national level last night, but the results from Salt Lake County are encouraging. They show a community that wants to work towards tolerance, empathy, and inclusion. That judges how well off we are by how much we are doing to help those without privilege and advantage. We should continue to reject cynicism and never doubt that we can make a difference. We must, both individually and collectively, fight with resolve, purpose, and commitment to do the most good.

In solidarity, 

Clare, Diane, La Vonne, Amy, Cree, Mike, Tammy, and Nick