The issue of sexual harassment has come to the forefront in the context of recent events and allegations. First, as an Executive Committee, we want you to know that a task force was already working to create a policy prior to those events. The current document was produced independently of that effort by the Executive Committee in order to accelerate the process once those allegations became public. The primary input for that document (link below) came from our Legal Counsel, Kim Bowman, as the EC needed to ensure that the document took the existing law into account.

Accordingly and in an effort to ensure input from a broader and more inclusive range of stakeholders, this document should be viewed as a draft document open for comment, discussion, and change.  Additionally, please note that two separate documents will eventually be produced. One (of which this is a draft) will ‘set the standard/definition’ for those incidents that constitute harassment. The second document will address in more detail the procedures that the party will follow when handling a complaint of harassment.

The Executive Committee is proposing the following process to manage input from the various stakeholders:  

First, a ‘core committee’ will be formed. It will be comprised of the original task force (Sen. Luz Escamilla, Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Rep. Angela Romero, and Ellen Brady, EC Secretary) plus the new EC  1st Vice Chair, Emily Hase, and Kim Bowman (Legal Counsel to the EC).

Second, the process will be opened to all who wish to submit comments, suggestions, or amendments in writing. For the moment, those should be sent to Ellen Brady ( or to Kim Bowman (

Third, a meeting open to all who wish to participate will be called at a later date (to be announced). 

Finally, the finished product will be presented to the Central Committee for approval.

View the FIRST DRAFT of the SL County Democratic Party Volunteer Policies and Procedures here.