Legislative Officers

Legislative Officers

If you want to get involved in organizing your neighborhood, contact your Legislative District Chair.

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

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News 09.12.2014

LDS Dems Goes for Swing Voters.
LDS Dems get coverage of their 2014 campaign efforts. [Click to Read/Watch...]

Sheriff Corrects S.B. 81 Effects.
The 2008 immigration bill created problems and Sheriff Winder worked to fix them. [read more...]

Sim Gill Receives LGBT Award.
Equality Utah announces S.L. County District Attorney Sim Gill will receive its 2014 "Allies of the Year Award" [read more...]

County Party Event a Big Success.
Family "Meet a (D)" Night gets media coverage. [Click to Watch...]

News 07.18.2014
Dem Candidates Begin
Canvassing the County.

Regardless of what where you live in the county, increasing turnout matters. Hardworking campaigns are setting their canvassing schedules and coordinating with the County Party to build the GOTV lists we need to win in November. Shortly, we’ll have slate cards to distribute so split-ticket voters can be introduced to all of our Democrats running for office.

News 07.18.2014
#DemsBelieve Campaign 
In Full Swing for 2014.

In May, the County Party’s Communications Committee began sending a twice monthly email called Democrats Believe. These emails provide timely reminders of our Democratic values to share with our neighbors and online.  Utah republicans have branded Democrats for far too long. We need to better communicate what Democrats Believe.  So read the emails, talk about our Democratic Values and spread the Democratic message online. For those in the Twittersphere, use #DemsBelieve.


Chair Message 09.12.2014
Invest in Democrats. A Message from the Chair
With 3 weeks until ballots hit mailboxes, it's time to invest in our Democratic candidates. That can be an investment of your time and energy or your financial support. With your time, we ask you to take part in our Democratic Days of Action. [read more...]

Pioneer Day
  Today we reflect on the contributions made by each of Utah's peoples, including the original Utahns, to the character and beauty of our shared home. This particular date is a commemoration of the now-unthinkable collective accomplishment Utah's first European permanent settlers, the Mormon Pioneers, made to cross the continent in search of a better life.

We Utah Democrats too face a our own challenge to improve the quality of life here by acquiring the power necessary to put our platform into action.

We know we're right. The evidence supports us. We can defend our beliefs on the common values all Utahns share. But active Utah voters are not yet with us in sufficient numbers.
(click here to continue reading)

Chair Message 07.17.2014
Re-Elect Sim Gill,
Win More Seats.

A Message from the Chair

This week we saw two former attorneys general taken into custody for multiple felony charges. After he was released from jail, Mark Shurtleff held a press conference to point the finger at our County District Attorney and make baseless accusations.

Given all that you and John Swallow have done, Mr. Shutleff, it takes a lot of brass for you to question Sim Gill's integrity.

(Click HERE to read more)

Blog Post 06.25.2014

While Reyes refuses to lead,
Stormont vows to defend
our liberties

Today marked yet another victory for equality in our country and in our state. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today affirmed Federal District Court Judge Robert Shelby's ruling that Amendment 3, the 2004 ballot measure that banned same-sex marriages or any other legal recognition.

Polls show Utahns no longer support Amendment 3, and even Orrin Hatch admits equality in America is inevitable.

Democratic Attorney General Candidate Charles Stormont today said "From the right to marry who you love to the right to bear arms, my pledge to Utahns is that I will stand up for all your constitutional rights and follow the law, not political trade winds.”

(Click HERE to read more)