2014 Convention

2014 Convention

SLCo Democratic Party 2014 Nominating Convention

Politisauce 2014

Politisauce 2014

Moving Foward Together

Legislative Chairs

Legislative Chairs

If you want to get involved in organizing your neighborhood, contact your Legislative District Chair.

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

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County Convention Results 2014

2014 Convention Results.

Click HERE for the full election results from the Salt Lake County Democratic Party's 2014 Nominating Convention.



Platform Proposed
Platform Committee Finishes Proposed Platform

On March 4, 2014, the Platform Committee of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party approved its proposed revisions to the County Party Platform for 2014. The Salt Lake County Democratic Party Platform will be approved by Delegates at the County Party 2014 Nominating Convention on April 12, 2014.

Co-Chaired by County Party 2nd Vice-Chair Brian Faulkner and Ernie Gamonal, the Platform Committee--comprised of County Party Caucus Chairs, candidates for County offices, and appointed members--held six meetings to review the previous County Party Platform and make revisions.

The 2014 Proposed County Party Platform can be viewed HERE.

The current County Party Platform (2012) can be viewed HERE.

Conv News 03.04.2014

Convention Location Announced
West Jordan Middle will host SLCo Dems in 2014

The Functions Committee announced that West Jordan Middle School (7550 S. Redwood Road, West Jordan) will be the location for the 2014 Salt Lake County Nominating Convention on Saturday April 12, 2014.

Saturday April 12, 2014 ended up a difficult day to schedule a convention. As the County Party typically uses a high school for its conventions, April 12 is ACT testing day, which meant that all high schools were taken. After some scrambling, the Functions Committee found this middle school as an appropriate venue. More details will be released following Neighborhood Caucuses on March 18.

Del News 03.04.2014

Delegate Allocation Approved
Central Committee Approves Plan

On February 15, 2014, the Central Committee of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party passed the 2014 Delegate Selection Plan.

The plan provides rules for Neighborhood Caucus meetings and allocates the County Party's 1,360 delegates. This cycle, the plan identifies 91 PLEO delegates (party leaders and elected officials) and allocates the 1,271 precinct-level delegates (precinct chairs and elected delegates) among the 776 precincts throughout Salt Lake County. 

The Delegate Selection Plan can be viewed under Guiding Documents in the Our Party menu. Or you can CLICK HERE.

Con News 03.04.2014

County Party Constitution Amended
Amendment to grant Delegate status to Precinct Chairs

On February 15, 2014, the Central Committee of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party passed the amendment that had been under review.

Now, precinct chairs elected at their Neighborhood Caucus meeting will also receive the first delegate position allocated to that precinct. If the precinct chair would like to forego their delegate status, they can have the Neighborhood Caucus attendees elect a delegate to serve in their place.

The revised Constitution can be viewed under Guiding Documents in the Our Party menu. Or you can CLICK HERE.


Chair Msg 03.04.2014

Two Weeks To Go.

A Message from the Chair

Tuesday March 18th is Neighborhood Caucus night. We need Democrats to come out and step up.
You can help Democrats win in 2014 by promoting Neighborhood Caucuses and ensuring your neighborhood has an active precinct chair. Recruiting active precinct chairs is critical for Democrats to gain ground. This year, we'll be pushing hard to have precinct chairs get their neighborhood canvassed so that candidates know who they need to focus persuasion efforts on and the County Party knows where to focus its GOTV efforts. We provide precinct chairs with training, support and assistance. Also, this year precinct chairs will be awarded a delegate spot for their hard work. Below you'll find important party news and events as well as opportunties for you to make a difference in your neighborhood through volunteering. Remember, if you haven't already Register for your Neighborhood Caucus.

Moving Forward Together,
Richard Jaramillo, Chair
Salt Lake County Democratic Party

Central Cmte. Letter

Gaining Ground
An Open Letter from the Chair

Dear Central Committee Member,

The Salt Lake County Democratic Party (County Party) is considering an amendment to its Constitution. The proposed amendment was given a first reading at the Central Committee meeting on January 31. The second reading, debate and vote will occur at the Central Committee meeting on February 15. You can read the amendment

There has been some confusion and concerns expressed about the proposed amendment. This open letter is to address, clarify and (perhaps) alleviate some of those concerns.