Executive Committee At-Large Member Application Process

The Executive Committee of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party includes two appointed At-Large Representatives, which serve as full voting members of the Committee. These positions exist to broaden the views shared on the EC and increase its diversity.

Requirements to fill these positions include:
-Attending two monthly meetings of the Executive Committee each month (plus additional meetings and events as needed)
-Help to plan, organize, and carry out Party events, including Conventions, Caucus Night
-Serve as a collaborative member of the team that runs the day-to-day workings of the Party

To serve on the Committee, you must be a registered voter in Salt Lake County, and registered as affiliated with the Democratic Party.

To learn more about the Committee, review Article II of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Constitution: http://bit.ly/2ZtmugQ

Applicants wishing to be considered for an At-Large Representative position must apply using the form below by 5 PM on May 2nd, 2019. Once the application period has ended, the Executive Committee will review all submissions, and make their determination before the Q2 Central Committee meeting, where the At-Large Representatives will be confirmed.


Make a contribution to the Salt Lake County Democrats on your tax return!

This is not only a convenient way to contribute to the Democratic Party, it also won’t decrease your return or increase your tax liability! Each donation is split so that $1 goes to the UDP, and $1 goes to the Salt Lake County Democrats, creating a stream of donations that help us operate year-round.


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