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Call to Action: Attend the Rally Against Transphobia

Last week the Utah House passed HB 257 a bill that targets and attacks the trans community in Utah by preventing them from using the public bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Attend the Rally


In response community organizers and allied groups are hosting a Rally Against Transphobia at the Capitol this Thursday, January 25, 2024 at noon. Please show up and support our trans community and help us fight this bill. There is still time to make our voices heard and stop it from passing the Senate.

Call or Email your Senator


In addition to attending the rally, you can also voice your opposition to HB 257 directly to your State Senator.


To find who your Senator is, visit Then call and leave them a message explaining your objection to this Bill, or email them with your reasonings.


If you are having trouble writing an email, here is a template drafted for you. Simply copy it and replace the text in brackets to customize it for yourself. 



Hello [Senator's Name],

 HB 257 recently passed the Utah House and will soon be coming before the Utah Senate. I, as your constituent, would like to express my disapproval and urge you to vote ‘No’ on this bill.


HB 257 attacks the trans community in Utah and takes away their right to use public facilities. It hides behind fearmongering about non-existent "bad actors" as an excuse to spread fear and hate at the expense of an already marginalized community. It may also jeopardize Utah's bid to host the 2034 Olympics. Again I urge you to vote ‘No’ on HB 257.




[Your Name]

Stay Involved

See you at the rally on Thursday and thank you for fighting to protect our trans community. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and donate to elect Democrats.


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